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How to Rent a TV in Miami?
Miami Audio Visual Rental Services

Q :: How to rent a TV screen or audio visual equipment in Miami, Fort Lauderdale or Orlando for your next business marketing event so you can enjoy South Florida?  (then read this blog, you will love it!)

We always start our AV Outsource rental “tips” by mentioning the following FACTS ::

FACT: The reason you “outsource” your audio visual rentals is so you can stay focused on your core business.

EVEN BIGGER FACT :: The reason you should definitely “outsource” your audio visual rentals and services in Miami and Fort Lauderdale is so you can enjoy your time in South Florida!

Rent a TV monitor scren in Miami rental AV services

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TV screens are a very popular rental item and we receive many requests, so we wanted to answer a few questions, provide “tips on how to”, and explain how easy it is to choose the correct TV for your special event.  

We also want you to know what questions you should ask yourself as well as the audio visual rental company you are working with.

Rent TV in Miami Fort Lauderdale audio visual luxury presentation AV services

1.  What will you be showing on your TV monitor?
Will you be showing a presentation off your personal PC or your MAC?  Will you use a playstation or DVD player?  You will need the correct adapters so make sure you either have a VGA output to connect to your TV, and that the TV you are renting has a VGA input. (easy this just saved a headache)

You can also make sure the TV has RCA, it’s the red, white, yellow cords we are all familiar with if you are using a DVD player or video source.  (enjoy shopping in Coconut Grove!)

Rent a TV monitor scren in Miami AV rental services

The new TV models mostly only have HDMI inputs, so confirm this detail, if your computer only has HDMI, vs VGA as an output.  We always ask VGA or HDMI?  So should you!  (Videos can also use HDMI as an output / input)

Your not using a computer?
Well, make sure the TV you are renting has a USB input and is “smart” (reminder:  your TV is not a computer, so you need to provide your slides in JPEG format not Powerpoint, since the TV does not have Powerpoint to play your presentation)

You may also connect to your TV via WiFi, make sure you test this with plenty of time in advance and at your event location, since signals at large conventions or meeting rooms may be an issue due to in-house Wifi strength.  (enjoy seeing Art Deco Architecture on Ocean Drive Miami Beach!)

Rent a TV in Miami monitor scren AV rental services

2.  Will you need sound for your presentation?
When you rent a TV, if you need sound = make sure you ask, does the TV have speakers?  We have TV monitors that are “only” used for image purposes, and others of course come with built in speakers.  You can always, rent external speakers if your audience is large, or if you have a booth that needs the extra sound quality.  (visit Key Biscayne beaches!)

3.  Obviously, what size TV do you need to rent?
TV monitors are finally coming in all sizes, so choose what is best for you and your meeting or event.  We recommend, get whatever your room or booth permits, everyone likes to look at a big image, and if your renting one, you want to make a big impact with your product or presentation, so go bigger is better.  (enjoy a stroll on Las Olas Boulevard!)

you should click here to see what TV sizes are most popular for us to rent in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

4.  Floor or table?
This always passes people by, will you need your TV on a table or a floor stand?  When you rent a TV, very very rarely, will you be able to mount it on a wall, unless you are building your own prop, in this case such as art gallery events, you will be able to rent a wall bracket.  Other than that, you need to choose a floor or table stand to rent.  (spend your time shopping at Dadeland Mall!)

Rent TV Miami Fort Lauderdale audio visual presenation AV luxury services

We hope you enjoyed taking a moment to read our “audio visual TV rental tips” and how to prepare yourself when you need to rent a TV monitor for your event in Miami or Fort Lauderdale, so you can enjoy your valuable time engaging with your audience, or simply enjoying more of South Florida!

You should click here if your renting a TV in South Florida or if you have general AV questions, we’d love to hear from you!

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