At AV Outsource, we offer in Miami and Fort Lauderdale a large rental selection of computers to choose from.

Rent audio visual from AV Outsource in Miami

We rent:  iMac desktop computers with monitors, Notebooks, Macbook pro, iPads as well as portable hand held electronics for event presentations, hotel meetings, trainings, trade shows and business conventions.

Let us know your preference, and you can reach us here to rent it.  

The following is a list of our most popular computer rentals ::


* Desktop computers *

* iMac 21.5″ Desktop Computers *

* iMac 27″ Desktop Computers *


* Laptop Computers *

* MacBook Pro Computers *

* Mac Mini Computers *

* iPads *

Artsy Miami Art Basel rents iMac computers for booth

other computers and models available upon request
specific programs installed, additional costs may apply

computer rentals available for corporate events only
not available for personal rentals, includes mouse and keyboard