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At AV Outsource :: we rent professional podiums (lecterns) for events in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando.

Podiums are a key factor in any event, business or social.  They provide a “focal point” and the “center of attention”.  Basically, a podium is a small platform (such as Acrylic or types of wood) on which a person may stand behind in order to be seen by an audience, as in when making a public speech or business presentation.

We provide professional podiums for business presentations, press conferences as well as for hotel corporate speaking engagements.

The following is a list of our most popular rental podiums ::


* Acrylic – The Presenter – Custom Podiums *

* Wood – The Executive – Custom Podiums *

* Portable – With Built In Audio Sound Podiums *

* Table Top – Event Podiums *

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other podiums and models available upon request