Need to Rent a Microphone in :: Miami Fort Lauderdale Orlando?

We rent professional studio quality handheld microphones.

We also rent lavaliere microphones for business conventions, meetings and social events in Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando.

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Furthermore, we rent professional wireless microphones for hotel conventions, training seminars, art auctions, house of worshipsweddings and corporate trade shows.

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The following is a summary list of our most popular types of microphones our clients rent from us ::


* Handheld Cable Microphones *

* Wireless Hand Held Professional Microphones *

* Wireless Lavaliere | Lapel Professional Microphones *

* Wireless Headworn | EarSet Low-Profile Microphones *

* Acustic Piano | Instrument Studio Microphones *

* Gooseneck Condenser | Table Top With Mute Microphones *


* Microphone Floor Stands *

* Microphone Gooseneck Table Stands *

Miami Fort Lauderdale microphone rentals

specific microphones and models available upon request